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What is a First day Cover (FDC)? VLOG

Welcome to our 2024 video blog series where we aim to simplify the world of stamp collecting aka philately.

With each stamp release there are lots of different products available, including what’s known as a First day Cover. Here’s Emma to explain what that means:

what is a first day cover FDC?

Todays FAQ is what is a FDC?

A First day Cover is an envelope design with a set of stamps and a postmark to commemorate what’s known as a first day of issue.

So, when a new set of stamps is released, for example the latest Royal Mail weather forecasting set, collectors can enjoy all the stamps on a beautifully designed cover like this Cotswold FDC example:

There are different designs, as you can see from our product pages, we have Royal Mail FDCs, Stuart FDCs and the Cotswold FDC designs. Happy collecting!

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