Special Handstamp Cancellations

Alternatively called special postmarks, these cancellations are in use for one day only and applied by hand as their name implies!

The majority of these postmarks tend to occur on the day new stamps/products are brought out. Royal Mail is the only organisation who can use the “First Day of Issue” wording but there is usually a wide range of different, pictorial and interesting postmarks related to the stamp issue and available to collectors. We obtain about five or six different ones for interest and from time to time, we sponsor our own.

When we do so, because we also design the Cotswold Cover and the Stuart Cover, those FDCs carrying our postmark are called “Official” covers.

In the dim and distant past, there used to be a huge range of postmarks from the local Scout Jamboree to the Village Church Flower Arrangers Society; from Morris Dancers to Days Out at the Zoo. Looking back over past cancellations is a real reflection of our social, as well as philatelic, history.

  • Cost: Official First Day Cover (full set of stamps and cancelled with a related special postmark cancellation) £13.50 for one.

If you would like to subscribe to this or any of our services, do let us know from which date you wish to start collecting. Official First Day Covers cost no more than regular ones so this is a bonus. I think you will find us well worth a trial run! All our customers, in addition to their specified material will receive:

  • an information sheet giving details behind the stamp issue
  • an illustrated Newsletter with additional interesting articles as well as information on forthcoming issues
  • flyers promoting the new products coming out by Royal Mail thus giving you an opportunity to purchase