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Stamp Cards

I love these though I do appreciate that with stamp issues carrying 10 stamps, they can get a bit much!

Each time a set of stamps is issued, these Stamp Cards come out simultaneously – sometimes called PHQ cards. They certainly show up the marvellous detail and fine work involved in each of our stamps. You notice so much more in these miniature works of art.

As each stamp issue can be different, rather than change the price with each issue, we offer a general price of £21.50 so you know what you are letting yourself in for! This way, the price remains Mr Men & Little Miss Stamp Cardsconstant but it means that sometimes you win and sometimes we win! We think that is a fair system.

You can choose whether you wish to have the stamps and postmarks on the front of the cards or the back. If on the front, we try to find a place which obliterates the smallest amount of the picture – and each card is cancelled with a different postmark connected to the stamp issue (and the picture, if applicable).

It is worth pointing out that occasionally, when a minisheet is included in the stamp issue, the size does not fit on the relevant card. If this is the case, we do not put it on! But if it does, it is included in this price. A bargain!

Cost: £21.50 per set excluding p&p

If you wish to subscribe to receive Stamp Cards on a regular basis, do please complete the Order Form and let us know from which issue you wish to start. Like all collectors with us, in addition to the PHQs, you will receive the standard information sheet, illustrated Newsround as well as flyers informing you of forthcoming new issues.

However, this package takes a little time to put together so please bear in mind that we normally despatch material approx. 2-3 weeks after the stamp issue to ensure that we can sort the covers to ensure that only the best go out to our customers. Come and join us and find out all sorts of interesting facts and trivia – I am sure you won’t be disappointed!