Cotswold RAF Retail Booklet FDC

Retail Booklets

Retail booklets have floated in an out of fashion as time has passed. Their format changes according to fashion, too.

Generally available from outlets other than Post Offices, they come in forms of four or six stamp booklets – usually of First Class definitive stamps as shown here.

The changes can occur on the advertising on them or reason for the issue. For example, the First Day Cover shown here features the booklet that was part of the Classic Locomotives series of miniature sheets (Wales issue of 18 September 2014. With two commemorative stamps plus four Machin definitives, they are more interesting than the normal.

Star Wars Droids & Aliens | Cotswold Aliens Retail Booklet FDC

Cotswold star wars aliens retail booklet fdc
Cotswold star wars aliens retail booklet fdc

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Like all our customers, you would receive the material some two to three weeks after the issue date – which gives us chance to sort the covers after postmarking to ensure that only the best go out. In addition, you would receive our customary:

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