Cotswold National Definitive FDC

Definitive Stamp First Day Covers

These little stamps are the mainstay of the Royal Mail stable of postage stamps.Cotswold High Value £5 Definitive FDC

Also known as Machins after the sculptor Arnold Machin who first produced the Queen’s Head on a stamp a little over 40 years ago, a wide range of values is available and is always up-dated when the postal tariff changes in early April each year.

In addition to the Machins, or National Definitives, each country of the United Kingdom has its own specific definitive stamp. The England Country definitives feature a Rose and the Oak, the Scotland a Thistle and the tartan, the Welsh the Leek and Prince of Wales Feathers, whilst the Northern Ireland feature Linen and Wicker work. Therefore at each new definitive issue, there is a range of First Day Covers – National and for each country.Cots-Regional-Definitive-FDC-set-Mar-2017

Price varies according to stamp issue

Mint stamps available at cost price plus £2.00 handling fee