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Issue Date: 8th May


The 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War is being called the last opportunity for veterans to participate. The events of those years will soon pass from living memory into history. This stamp issue reflects on the end of the war both in Europe and in the Far East, with three concepts: Celebrating, Returning and Remembering.

In the eight sheet stamps are depictions of the sense of relief and celebration by service personnel and civilians when news of the conflict’s end was announced. Also featured in these stamps are images of personnel returning from overseas, as well as the return of children evacuated from major cities.

The stamps are as follows:
2nd Class – A serviceman returns home to Oreston, South Devon, from his airbase in Lincolnshire
2nd Class – Jubilant nurses celebrate VE Day in Liverpool
1st Class – Ecstatic crowds celebrate VE Day in London’s Piccadilly
1st Class – Evacuees return home to London after a wartime stay in Leicester
£1.42 – Troops march along Oxford St, London, during a parade for the ‘Victory over Japan’ exhibition
£1.42 – Soldiers and sailors leave a demobilisation centre carrying their civilian clothes in boxes
£1.63 – Allied prisoners of war at Aomori Camp near Yokohama, Japan, cheer their rescuers
£1.63 – A Wren (member of the women’s Royal Naval service) proposes a toast during the VE Day celebrations in Glasgow

Stamps & Postmarks:

Spons: Victory Place, M’chester | 75th VE Day, London WC | VE Day, London SE17 | Down St, W11 | London, EC4, St Paul’s


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Spons: Victory Place, M’chester, 75th VE Day, London WC, VE Day, London SE17, Down St, W11, London, EC4, St Paul’s 


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