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Issue Date: 4th May


The Stamp Issue marks the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury, one of the defining battles of the Wars.

The Wars of the Roses (1455-1487 CE) were a series of fifteenth-century conflicts between the monarchy and the nobility of England, often referred to as an English civil war, for control of the throne of England, fought between Lacastrians (House of Lancaster), represented (at least historically) by a red rose, and Yorkists (House of York), represented by a white rose.

Stamps & Postmarks:

2nd Class   Battle of Bosworth 1485

2nd Class   Battle of Tewkesbury 1471

1st Class   Battle of Barnet 1471

1st Class   Battle of Edgecote Moor 1469

£1.70   Battle of Towton 1461

£1.70   Battle of Wakefield 1460

£2.55   Battle of Northampton 1460

£2.55   First Battle of St Albans 1455

FDI Tewksbury | Ambion Hill, Market Bosworth | Tewksbury | Stoke Golding, Leicestershire



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FDI Tewksbury, Ambion Hill, Market Bosworth, Tewksbury, Stoke Golding, Leicestershire 


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