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Issue Date: 15th February 2018


Celebrating the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, a hundred years on, this stamp issue presents an overview of the trials and tribulations of the women who campaigned tirelessly to win the vote; beginning in the early 1800s right up until the vote being granted in February 1918.

Documenting some of the campaign activities and public actions, the eight stamps are split between examples of the major set-piece demonstrations and publicity activity that took place, as well as some of the individuals involved.

1st class: Suffragette Leaders at Earls Court, 1908 (of those that can be identified: Mabel Tuke; Christable Pankhurst; Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, Annie Kenny)


  • 1st class: Women’s Freedom League Poster Parade, circa 1907
  • 2nd class: Lone suffragette in Whitehall, circa 1908 (walking in the gutter, as if on pavement could be arrested for obstructing)
  • 2nd class: The Great Pilgrimage of Suffragists, 1913 (major national activity ending in Hyde Park)
  • £1.40: Welsh Suffragettes, Coronation Procession, 1911 (a major set piece activity centred on Hyde Park)
  • £1.40: Mary Leigh and Edith New released from Holloway prison, 1908
  • £1.57: Sophia Duleep Singh sells The Suffragette, 1913
  • £1.57: Suffragette Prisoners’ Pageant, 1911


Suffragette St, Smethwick | Manchester | Holloway, London | Courage, Constancy etc, London | London SW1


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Suffragette St, Smethwick, Manchester, Holloway, London, Courage, Constancy etc, London, London SW1


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