Viking Britain Stamp Cards



High quality postcards showing high resolution ‘blow ups’ of each of the commemorative Viking Britain stamps from the set (set of 8 cards in total). Choose between; Stamps & Postmarks on the front of the cards, stamps & postmarks on the back of the cards, or mint (no stamp or postmark)

The third Royal Mail stamp release of 2024 explores the history, impact and legacy of Vikings in Britain, and their many artifacts. It also marks the 40th anniversary since the Jorvik Viking Centre opened in York in April 1984

First Class – Iron, Silver and Copper Sword, Temple, London
First Class – Olaf Guthfrithsson Silver penny, minted in York
£1.00 – Silver Penannular Brooch, Penrith, Cumbria
£1.00 – Lindisfarne Priory, Northumberland
£2.20 – Gilded Bronze Brooch, Pitney, Somerset
£2.20 – Hogback Gravestone, Govan Old, Glasgow
£2.00 – Norse Settlement remains, Jarlshof, Shetland
£2.00 – Antler Comb and case, Coppergate, York

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Front, Back, Mint


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