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Issue Date: 21st Jan


The intention with the stamp issue is to celebrate the joy of video gaming through pioneering and influential British designed games. The 8 individual stamps feature classic games from the 1980s and 90s, which represent the range of genres, and to invoke a strong sense of nostalgia with such classics as; Elite from 1984 which virtually invented the space navigation genre and was the first British game to be a hit in the USA, whilst the quirky and irreverent game; Lemmings appealed to the British sense of humour but was popular world-wide.

Stamps & Postmarks: 

Stamps are as follows:

2nd Class – Elite 1984

2nd Class – Worms 1995

1st Class – Sensible Soccer 1992

1st Class – Lemmings 1991

£1.55 – Wipeout 1995

£1.55 – Micro Machines 1991

£1.60 – Dizzy 1987

£1.60 – Populous 1989

Raider Close, Romford | Adventure Pl, Stock-on-Trent | Lara Croft Way, Derby | Leamington Spa


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Raider Close, Romford, Adventure Pl, Stock-on-Trent, Lara Croft Way, Derby, Leamington Spa 


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