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Issue Date: 5th May 2022


The Prestige Stamp Book is a 24-page booklet written by Professor Lucy Noakes, Rab Butler Chair in Modern History, Department of History at the University of Essex. The book starts with the outbreak of war, looks at the discussions around female conscription and then goes on to explore specific areas such as women in the military, women in industry, women from across the Empire, the Ferry Pilots, the front line, SOE and Home Front. The book is filled with photographs of the women, many in action in their wartime roles and contains all 14 Unsung Heroes stamps perforated as ‘panes’ within the book plus an extra pane of definitive stamps which is unique to the stamp issue. N.B. This is the first PSB to include barcoded definitive stamps and also the first gummed Barcode Stamps as those issued to date have been printed in self-adhesive only.

It is a slightly larger size to accommodate this barcoded pane – it will be 4mm larger in height (96mm increased to 100mm). A larger leaf for the PSB album will be needed and will be available to buy at issue.

Print: All panes, including the Definitive Pane, are printed in Lithography with PVA Gum.

Pane 1 – Artillery Road, Chester

Pane 2 – Baker Street, London

Pane 3 – Waterlooville, Hants

Pane 4 – FDI, Tallents House, Edinburgh

We also have a limited edition, where each pane of the booklet has our official postmark on it. We have one Cotswold Limited Edition.

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