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Issue Date: 24th November 2022


Celebrating 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter with a set of Special Stamps and a Miniature Sheet.

The remarkable discovery has shaped historians’ understanding of the religion, rituals and culture of ancient Egypt to this day.

A set of eight beautifully presented stamps:

2 x 2nd class – Head of the King and Inlaid Fan

2 x 1st class – Gold Mask & Falcon Pendant

2 x £1.85 – Lion Couch & Throne

2 x £2.55 – Boat Model & Guardian Statue

Stamps & Postmarks: Dorchester | Pharaoh Close, Mitcham | Callington | Highclere, Newbury


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Dorchester, Pharaoh Close, Mitcham, Callington, Highclere, Newbury


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