Tariff Definitive | Stuart International Tariff 2022 FDC


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Issue Date: 4th April 2022


New postal rates came into effect on 4th May 2022.

The classic Machin design is retained with a barcode printed in matching colour alongside the main body of the stamp with a simulated perforation line

£1.85 – Wood Brown: 100g Letter Europe (zones 1,2,3) & 20g Letter World (zones 1,2,3)

£2.55 – Sapphire Blue: 100g Letter World (zones 1,2,3)

£3.25 – Purple: 100g Large Letter Europe (zones 1,2,3)

£4.20 – Light Green: 250g Large Letter Europe &, 100g Large Letter World (zones 1,2,3)

Postmark used:  FDI Windsor

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