Star Wars | Cotswold Star Wars PSB FDC


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Issue Date: 26th November


The Prestige Stamp Book is a 24-page booklet packed full of fascinating information and behind-the-scenes photography which explores the making of some of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars galaxy. Also included in the booklet are all 10 new character stamps plus the ‘vehicles’ miniature sheet and a pane of stamps which is unique to this issue. Please note due to a misunderstanding in the print process the Defintive pane includes a stamp value that is no longer a current postal rate.

Pane 1: Galaxy Grove, Brynteg

Pane 2: Iver Heath, Iver

Pane 3: Empire Way, Wembley

Pane 4: Maulden, Bedford, FDI

Pane 5: Apprentice Way, London

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