Cotswold Star Trek Minisheet FDC



Issue Date: 13th November


Star Trek at the Movies – 6 First Class stamps make up the special miniature sheet featuring characters, all played by British actors, from across the Star Trek Movies franchise. Note: These stamps are photographs and are not illustrations by Freya Betts.

Stamps & Postmarks:

Montgomery Scott (Scotty) played by British actor Simon Pegg in the new Movie Series
Praetor Shinzon played by British actor Tom Hardy in Next Gen Movie: Nemesis
Tolian Soran played by British actor Malcolm McDowell in Original Movie Series: ‘Generations’
Klingon Chancellor Valorum played by British actor David Warner in Original Movie Series
Carol Marcus played by British actress Alice Eve in the new Movie Series
Krall played by British actor Idris Elba in the new Movie Series

FDI Beambridge, Craven Arms | Space Way, Feltham | London, E16


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FDI Beambridge, Craven Arms, Space Way, Feltham, London, E16 


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