Sherlock | Royal Mail Sherlock Minisheet FDC



Issue Date: 18th August


When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published his first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlett, in 1887, he had no idea how iconic the character would become. Inspired by the detective stories of Edgar Allan Poe and real-life figures such as Scottish surgeon, Joseph Bell, Conan Doyle would produce 56 Holmes short stories and four full-length novels before the character to rest in 1927. Published initially in London magazine, The Strand, the stories would find fame around the world, with translations in over 90 languages.

Stamps & Postmarks:

Stamps within the minisheet are:
1st Class The Adventure of the Speckled Band
1st Class The Red-Headed League
£1.68 The Adventure of the Second Stain
£1.68 The Adventure of the Dancing Men

Edinburgh ‘Means, Motive…’ |


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Edinburgh ‘Means, Motive…’,  


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