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Issue Date: 3rd Sept


Rupert Bear is Britain’s longest continually running comic strip, first appearing in the Daily Express on the 8th November 1920.

Rupert is a check-trouser wearing young bear who lives with his parents in the country village of Nutwood. He enjoys magical adventures with his friends (which are humanised animals) and meets other creatures such as elves and giants with each frame of a Rupert story accompanied by lines of verse. Such was the popularity that even in paper rationing during the Second World War, the government sanctioned sufficient paper for the annuals to be printed, to help boost the morale of the public. Royal Mail are pleased to celebrate 100 years of Rupert with the artwork of Alfred Bestall, who wrote and illustrated more than 270 Rupert stories, with his version being widely considered to be the definitive Rupert Bear.


Stamps & Postmarks:

Stamps are:

2nd Class     Rupert’s Rainy Adventure  (‘Then with a terrifying roar’)

2nd Class     Rupert’s Rainy Adventure (‘The bath is rocked’)

1st Class      Rupert and the Mare’s Nest (‘Then Algy looks a trifle glum’)

1st Class      Rupert and the Mare’s Nest (‘The large bird says’)

£1.425         Rupert and the Lost Cuckoo (‘There’s something puzzling all of you’)

£1.45           Rupert and the Lost Cuckoo (‘My cuckoo’s back again’)

£1.70           Rupert’s Christmas Tree (‘Though Rupert searches all around’)

£1.70           Rupert’s Christmas Tree (‘The tree is such a lovely sight’)

Centenary Ex., Canterbury |  The Beany Museum | FDI, Canterbury (2) | Nutwood Ave, Surrey


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Centenary Ex., Canterbury,   The Beany Museum, FDI, Canterbury (2), Nutwood Ave, Surrey (1)


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