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Issue Date:  19th Sept


The oldest of Britain’s armed forces, the Navy is known as the ‘senior service’. As an island nation, Britain’s prowess in ship design innovation and navigation has been instrumental in its history. Royal Mail is paying tribute to the Royal Navy by featuring eight ships from its illustrious history including the Mary Rose launched in 1511 and the most recently commissioned ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was launched in 2014.

1st Class:   Mary Rose/HMS Queen Elizabeth

£1.35:  HMS Victory/HMS Dreadnought

£1.55:  HMS Warrior/Sovereign of the Seas



Portsmouth (Anchor) | FDI Portsmouth  |Portsmouth (Galleon) | Greenwich, London (Compass) | Portsmouth (traditional anchor) | FDI Non-Pictorial (Portsmouth)


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Portsmouth (Anchor), FDI Portsmouth , Portsmouth (Galleon),  Greenwich, London (Compass), Portsmouth (traditional anchor), FDI Non-Pictorial (Portsmouth)


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