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Issue Date: 8th June


The Romans successfully invaded in the year 43, and assimilated much of the country into a Roman province introducing their culture and technology, with 10km of roads linking new towns such as London, and building villas, theatres, bathhouses and even shopping malls. They introduced large scale building with stone, as well as their gods and, later, Christianity. They even gave us the name ‘Britain’.  Royal Mail have worked with the British Museum in the development of an 8-stamp issue which demonstrate the sophistication, technical brilliance and artistry of Roman Britain, through important sites and artefacts.

The stamps are as follows:

2nd Class     Dover Lighthouse: The UK’s tallest standing Roman building

2nd Class     Bignor Mosaic: Depicts Venus, Roman goddess of love

1st Class      Amphitheatre at Isca Fortress: the most complete one to survive in Britain

1st Class      Ribchester Helmet: Worn at displays of Roman horsemanship

£1.63          Bridgeness Distance Slab: Records the building of the Antonine Wall

£1.63          Warrior God, Cambridgeshire: Romano-British copper-alloy statuette

£1.68          Gorgons Head: Bath: Sited at the spring sacred to Sulis Minerva

£1.68          Hadrians Wall: The northwest frontier of Rome’s empire

Stamps & Postmarks:

FDI Colchester | St Alban’s, GBFDC | Bath (Olive Head-Dress) | Brampton


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FDI Colchester, St Alban’s, GBFDC, Bath (Olive Head-Dress), Brampton 


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