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Issue Date: 20th March 2018


The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) was the air arm of the British Army, formed in 1912 until it merged with the Royal Naval Air Service on 1 April 1918 to form the Royal Air Force. It is the oldest independent air force in the world and the RAF has played a significant role in British military history.

Royal Mail has worked with the RAF and the RAF Museum at Hendon on the selection of aircraft. The sheet stamps feature original illustrations by noted aircraft illustrator Michael Turner


  • 1st class: Lightning F6
  • 1st class: Hawker Hurricane Mk.I
  • ¬£1.40: Vulcan B2
  • ¬£1.40: Typhoon FGR4
  • ¬£1.57: Sopwith Camel F.1
  • ¬£1.57: Nimrod MR2


Scampton | Cranwell, Sleaford


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Vulcan, Hendon, London, Farnborough, Trenchard St, London, Cranwell, Sledford ,  Spitfire Rd, Birmingham 


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