Queen | Stuart Queen Official Prestige Stamp Booklet FDC


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Issue Date: 9th July


The front cover features the band’s crest as designed by Freddie Mercury before the release of their debut album. The crest illustrates the zodiac signs of the four band members as well as a phoenix on the top to represent immortality. A must-have for any Queen fan, this 24-page book is packed full of imagery and information charting the success of the band from its formation to it becoming a global phenomenon. It contains a profile of each member and a feature on the other albums released by the band as well as their iconic videos. It also touches on Queen’s legacy after the death of Freddie Mercury and the band’s enduring popularity.

Presented on 4 covers each with our sponsored postmark. These are a limited edition.

Stamps & Postmarks:

Notes: Please note that this cover is limited edition and we currently have 2 in stock out of 3. 


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