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Issue Date: 9th July


The official cover is printed with a different design (with our own sponsored postmark) and can only be purchased directly from us.


A set of stamps to celebrate one of the UK’s greatest music legends on the 50th anniversary of its formation, Queen. With over three decades’ worth of hits to their name it is not surprising that there is a Queen song for everybody. What is extraordinary however, is the fact that the time they spent with their iconic frontman, Freddie Mercury, has been eclipsed by the time since he sadly passed away, yet the band remains as popular as ever. Queen formed in 1970 (though John Deacon didn’t join until 1971) and signed their first recording contract for EMI in 1973, releasing their first album, Queen, the same year.

The stamps are as follows:

1st Class   Queen II – 1974

1st Class   Sheer Heart Attack – 1974

1st Class   A Night at the Opera – 1975

1st Class   News of the World – 1977

£1.63      The Game – 1980

£1.63      Greatest Hits – 1981

£1.63      The Works – 1984

£1.63      Innuendo – 1991

Stamps & Postmarks:

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