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Issue Date: 11th May 2018


This issue of ten 1st Class stamps, celebrates the beauty of these iconic birds, both as adults and as juveniles. Birds as we know is one of the most collected thematic themes, and we have rarely issued stamps featuring owls. The chosen species are common to the UK.


Owls featured:

Barn Owl – Tyto alba
Little Owl – Athene noctua
Tawny Owl – Strix aluco
Short-eared Owl – Asio flammeus
Long-eared Owl – Asio otus

Strip one shows the adult birds and strip two the juveniles.


Owls Close, Cambridge | Owls Road, Vernwood | Barn Owl Way, Dover | Barn Meadow, Birmingham | Folkestone, Kent | Owlet Hall Close, Hornchurch


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Owls Close, Cambridge, Owls Road, Vernwood , Barn Owl Way, Dover, Barn Meadow, Birmingham, Folkestone, Kent, Owlet Hall Close, Hornchurch


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