Mr Men and Little Miss | Cotswold Generic Sheet FDC


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Issue Date: 20th Oct 2016

Description: Each Mr Men & Little Miss stamps is accompanied by a key illustration from the relevant Mr Men/Little Miss story. The stamps are on three covers and each has a different Postmark.


1st Class: Mr Happy

1st Class: Little Miss Naughty

1st Class: Mr Bump

1st Class: Little Miss Sunshine

1st Class: Mr Tickle

1st Class: Mr Grumpy

1st Class: Little Miss Princess

1st Class: Mr Strong

1st Class: Little Miss Christmas

1st Class: Mr Messy

Postmarks: Each set has a selection of Postmarks: Tunbridge Wells, Hargrave Road, Edenbridge, Sunshine Place, Princess Lane, Cleckheaton, Tallents House


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Princess Lane, Birmingham, Cleckheaton, Tunbridge Wells, Glasgow


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