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Issue Date: 14th March


Marvel Comics marks its 80th birthday in 2019. Many of the classic superheroes we celebrate were created in the 1960s, and in the 1970s a UK Marvel imprint was created for British fans. ‘Captain Britain Weekly’ was launched in 1976, featuring the adventures of the first Marvel UK superhero, closely followed by another British character, Union Jack. Both these take their place in the ranks of superheroes in the stamps.

The retail stamp book features four first class definitive stamps as well as the Spider-man and Hulk special stamps. As with all the Retail Stamp Books it is printed in gravure and the stamps are self-adhesive unlike the individual stamps from the set, which are litho and gummed.

This issue is available in the following postmarks:

Stamps & Postmarks:  Shield Row, Stanley | Pow St, Workington


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Shield Row, Stanley, Pow St, Workington


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