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Issue Date: 12th January 2023


Royal Mail celebrates one of the most revered and influential bands of all time, Iron Maiden, with an official stamp set. With 2,000 live performances across 64 countries to pick from, some of their most historic from over the years have been showcased on the eight-stamp set. With a strong focus towards the band’s legions of loyal fans, the 8 new Special Stamps focus on some of the band’s renowned and iconic live performances. They range from the 1980s until more recent years and feature all 6 current band members.

1st Class: Steve Harris performs in Vancouver, June 2010

1st Class: Bruce Dicksinson performs at Hammersmith, Odeon, London, May 1983

1st Class: Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Steve Harris perform in Pamplona, September 1988

1st Class: Nicko McBrain performs in Quito, March 2009

£1.85: Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson & Janick Gers perform in Rio de Janeiro, January 2001.

£1.85: Adrian Smith and Steve Harris perform in Helsinki, May 2018

£1.85: Iron Maiden perform at Twickenham Stadium, London, July 2008

£1.85: Bruce Dickinson sword fights with Eddie in Birmingham, Aug 2018

Stamps & Postmarks: Leyton, London | Beast Bank, Kendal | Maiden Close, Ashton Under Lyme


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Leyton, London, Beast Bank, Kendal, Maiden Close, Ashton Under Lyme


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