Royal Mail Iron Maiden Minisheet FDC


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Issue Date: 12th January 2023


The official set pays homage to the band’s long-serving mascot and pop-cultural icon in his own right, Eddie, with his own miniature sheet. The stamps in the Miniature Sheet feature four notorious Eddie artworks, including the latest addition in the form of Senjutsu (released in 2021) featuring Eddie in a samurai-warrior makeover.

£1.85 – Iron Maiden Eddie: The stare that started it all. Born in 1980 – on the cover of the band’s debut album – with a face only a mother and a million fans could love.

1st Class – ‘The Trooper’ Eddie: The unforgettable artwork for one of Iron Maiden’s greatest hit singles and, more recently, the logo for their award-winning beer.

1st Class – ‘Aces High’ Eddie: Reimagined as a fighter pilot for a song honouring the RAF servicemen who defended Britain during the Second World War.

£1.85 – Senjutsu Eddie: Samurais, feudal Japan and flashing blades inspired this katana-wielding warrior, from the band’s most recent album.

Stamps & Postmarks: Trooper Rd, Tring | Leyton, London | Skeltons Lane, London | Maiden Rd, London


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Trooper Rd, Tring, Leyton, London, Skeltons Lane, London, Maiden Rd, London


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