Industrial Revolution | Cotswold Industrial Revolution PSB FDC


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Issue Date: 12th August 2021


The Prestige Stamp Book is a 24-page booklet written by respected Historian, Barrie Trinder. This book explores the birth of the industrial revolution in greater detail, and looks at the roles of textiles, steam power, cement etc as enablers. The book also explores the key developments in the electrical revolution, providing fascinating insight into the Atlantic Telegraph, and the impact of Faraday’s work in the field of electricity which was truly transformational in its impact. The book is filled with a selection of images of artefacts and period scenes. Contains all 12 Industrial Revolutions stamps perforated as ‘panes’ within the book plus an extra pane of definitive stamps which is unique to the stamp issue.

Presented on 4 covers with the following postmarks:

Pane 1 – FDI Derby

Pane 2 – Tallents House

Pane 3 – Lion Salt Works

Pane 4 – Agamemnon Rd, London NW6

Stamps & Postmarks: 



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