Harry Potter | Cotswold Harry Potter Mini Sheet FDC



Issue Date: 16th Oct 2018


Harry Potter remains one of the most popular and enduring themes worldwide.  As part of the Harry Potter issue, there are five Hogwarts professors contained on a Special Miniature Sheet:

  • Pomona Sprout
  • Horace Slughorn
  • Sybil Trelawney
  • Rebus Lupin
  • Severus Snape

The background of the miniature sheet is of the Marauders Map, which has a hidden message that will only be revealed under UV light.

Stamps & Postmarks:

Wizard Way, Milton Keynes | Owl Way, Huntingdon | Alnwick, Northumberland | Goathland, Whitby | Myths & Magic, Wizard Way, Milton Keynes | Severus St, York


Additional information


Wizard Way, Milton Keynes,  Owl Way, Huntingdon,  Alnwick, Northumberland,  Goathland, Whitby,  Myths & Magic, Wizard Way, Milton Keynes,  Severus St, York


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