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Issue Date: 8th March


For 150 years, few other sporting events can have produced as much joy and heartbreak or as many moments of raw emotion. It is a competition in which part-timers can play in the finest stadia in the land and the world’s best players run out in grounds holding only a few thousand people. Just 12 teams took part in the inaugural 1871–72 season, and while they might not have had much else in common with the 729 taking part in 2021–22, they shared the same dream: glory. Like the game itself, aspects of the competition have changed over the course of those years.  The set of 6 new special stamps celebrate some of the themes which make the FA Cup such a prestigious competition, steeped in heritage and tradition.

A mixture of colour and black and white photographs relive some of the moments in the 150 year history of the world’s oldest national football championship.

Stamps & Postmarks:

1st Class: Lifting the Cup: 90th FA Cup Final, 8 May 1971

1st Class: Wembley Stadium: 48th FA Cup Final, 28 April 1923

£1.70: A Big Day Out: 87th FA Cup Final, 18 May 1968

£1.70: Classic Finals: 106th FA Cup Final, 16 May 1987

£2.55: FA Cup Upsets: FA Cup Fifth Round, 18 February 2017

£2.55: Royal Patronage: 62nd FA Cup Final, 1 May 1937



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