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Issue Date: 3rd September


A set of stamps and Miniature Sheet to celebrate one of the UK’s greatest music legends on the 50th anniversary of his first album and as he continues his final tour – Farewell Yellow Brick Road. Total sales of Elton John’s records worldwide are estimated between £275m and £300m which makes him one of the biggest selling artists of all time.

1st Class:  Honky Château

1st Class:  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1st Class:  Caribou

1st Class:  Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirty Cowboy

£1.55:  Sleeping with The Past

£1.55:  The One

£1.55:  Made in England

£1.55:  Songs from The West Coast

Stamps & Postmarks:

Yellow Brick Rd | Rocket Way, Newcastle | Rock Rd, Wadebridge | Capt Fantastic | Elton, Chester


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Yellow Brick Rd, Rocket Way, Newcastle, Rock Rd, Wadebridge, Capt Fantastic, Elton, Chester 


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