Dennis & Gnasher | Stuart Dennis & Gnasher Minisheet FDC



Issue Date: 1st July


The issue includes a four-stamp miniature sheet exclusively illustrated by current Dennis artist, Nigel Parkinson, to wish Dennis a Happy Birthday! The sheet concludes the story from the specially designed comic strip in the presentation pack and wishes Dennis a happy birthday!

Stamps & Postmarks:

FDI Tallents House | Dundee (Cake) |Padstow Chaos & Mischief | Dundee Chaos & Mischief

1st Class     Dennis’s first comic strip, 1951

1st Class     Dennis adopts Gnasher, 1968

1st Class     Dennis’s front cover debut, 1974

£1.70         Dennis adopts Rasher the Pig, 1979

£1.70         Dennis meets his sister Bea, 1998

£1.70         Dennis reveals Dad was Dennis, 2015


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FDI Tallents House, Dundee (Cake), Padstow Chaos & Mischief, Dundee Chaos & Mischief


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