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Issue Date: 1st July


2021 is the 70th anniversary of the iconic, much-loved character of Dennis (and his dog Gnasher). This stamp issue celebrates the anniversary with six special stamps looking back at Dennis through the ages; from his first ever black and white comic strip in 1951, to important events in his life since; meeting his baby sister Bea, adopting Gnasher and even finding out that his dad is a grown up version of Dennis from the 80’s.

Stamps & Postmarks:

FDI Dundee | Padstow Chaos & Mischief | Dundee Chaos & Mischief

1st Class     1951 

1st Class     1968    

1st Class     1974     

£1.70         1979    

£1.70         1998    

£1.70         2015   


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FDI Dundee, Padstow Chaos & Mischief, Dundee Chaos & Mischief 


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