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Issue Date: 17th September 2021


Royal Mail celebrates DC Comics through the ages and the Super Hero genre that it helped create with a bumper 18 stamp set of Super Heroes and Super-Villains including; 12-stamp set of the world-famous Batman, his allies and his foes and a special Justice League Stamp Sheet including the iconic trinity, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. 2021 also marks the 80th anniversary of the first appearance of Wonder Woman, who was among the first-ever female Super Heroes in comics.

12 x 1st class stamps featuring:

Batman               Batwoman

Robin                   Batgirl

Alfred                   Nightwing

The Joker             Harley Quinn

The Penguin        Poison Ivy

Catwoman           The Riddler

Stamps & Postmarks: Abingdon Street Northampton | Diana Drive, Coventry (Heroes Vs Villains)


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Abingdon Street Northampton, Diana Drive, Coventry (Heroes Vs Villains)


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