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Issue Date: 26th June 2018


In addition to containing 5 Corporal Jones and 5 Captain Mainwaring 1st Class Stamps this exceptional Generic Sheet includes labels bearing stills of some of the most iconic scenes from the Dad’s Army series including those from the classic episodes ‘The Deadly Attachment’ (‘Don’t tell him, Pike’), ‘Never Too Old’, ‘Sgt Wilson’s Little Secret’ and ‘The Man and the Hour’. Details of the programmes from which the scenes are derived are cited on the labels and are set out below

Left side of the sheet:

The Man and the Hour: Series 1, Episode 1, 1968

Sgt Wilson’s Little Secret: Series 2, Episode 4, 1969

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones: Series 3, Episode 1, 1969

The Big Parade: Series 4, Episode 1, 1970

Battle Of The Giants!: Christmas Special, 1971

Right side of the sheet:

Brain Versus Brawn: Series 5, Episode 10, 1972

The Deadly Attachment: Series 6, Episode 1, 1973

A Man Of Action: Series 7, Episode 2, 1974

Ring Dem Bells: Series 8, Episode 1, 1975

Never Too Old: Series 9, Episode 6, 1977


1st Class – Captain Mainwaring – You Stupid Boy!

1st Class – Lance Corporal Jones – Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!

2nd Class – Sergeant Wilson – Do you think that’s wise, sir?

2nd Class – Private Pike – I’ll tell Mum!

£1.45 – Private Walker – It won’t cost you much!

£1.45 – Private Frazer – We’re doomed…Doomed!

£1.55 – Private Godfrey – Do you think I might be excused?

£1.55 – Chief Warden Hodges – Put that light out!


The generic sheet is presented on three covers with the following postmark:

  • Thetford (Gas Mark)
  • FDI (Road sign)
  • Thetford (Union Jack Arrow)


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