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Issue Date: 3rd November


Celebrating Christmas 2020 with a series of eight stained glass nativity scenes. The Nativity is a common subject in stained glass artistry and from the 13th Century onwards, scenes often focused on the relationship between the new born infant Jesus and his mother, the Virgin Mary.

The stamps are all reproduced from the windows of Anglican churches the length of the country from All Saints’ Church in Otley, West Yorkshire to St Andrews’ Church in East Lexham Norfolk. The images showcase the extraordinary detail and craftsmanship of this highly specialised decorative art.

Stamps & Postmarks:

2nd Class – Adoration of the Magi from St Andrews, Church, East Lexham.
1st Class – Virgin and Child from St Andrews’ Church, Coln Rogers.
£1.45 – Virgin and Child from the Church of St James, Hollowell.
£1.70 – Virgin and Child from All Saints’ Church, Otley.
£2.50 – The Holy Family from St Columbas’ Church, Topcliffe.
£2.55 – Virgin and Child from Christ Church, Coalville.

St Thomas a Becket | FDI Bethlehem | Star, Winscombe | Bethlehem, Llandeilo


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St Thomas a Becket, FDI Bethlehem, Star, Winscombe, Bethlehem, Llandeilo 


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