Christmas 2018 | Stuart Christmas Minisheet FDC

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Issue Date: 1st November 2018


The minisheet contains the stamps designed by Andrew Davidson, with the background image displaying a lamp box by the side of a snowy track on the edges of a town.

Stamps & Postmarks:

1x 2nd Class

1x 1st Class

1x £1.25

1x £1.45

1x £1.55

1x £2.25

1x 2nd Class Large

1x 1st Class Large

FDI, Tallents House |Bury, Manchester | Postling, Hythe, Kent


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FDI, Tallents House, Bury, Manchester, Postling, Hythe, Kent

Cotswold Christmas Retail Booklet 1st Class FDC

Post Lane, Twickenham


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