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Issue Date: 4th April


Birds is a perennial and popular thematic and the wildlife related issue of 2019. Birds of Prey is the subject of several recent best-selling books and has rarely featured on UK stamps. All the featured birds are UK Birds of Prey. British photographer, Tim Flach, who specialises in animal photography and has four major bodies of work published exploring different species, photographed all the featured Birds of Prey at the International Centre for Birds of Prey.

Ten 1st Class stamps:

White-tailed Eagle                                  Merlin

Hobby                                                       Buzzard

Golden Eagle                                           Kestrel

Goshawk                                                  Sparrowhawk

Red Kite                                                    Peregrine Falcon

This product is available in the following postmarks:

Stamps & Postmarks: Eagle, Lincoln FDI | Falcon Road, SW11 | Eagle Drive, Whitfield, Dover | Kite Rd, Corby


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Eagle, Lincoln FDI, Falcon Road, SW11, Eagle Drive, Whitfield, Dover, Kite Rd, Corby


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