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Issue Date: 4th Feb 2022


David Gentleman has designed 103 issued stamps for Royal Mail. He has also provided many more artworks for issues that did not come to fruition and is the most prolific and influential British stamp designer. His first issued stamps, for the National Productivity Year, came out in 1962 and over the years his designs adopted various design styles has included watercolours, wood engravings, lithographs and line drawings. His innovations include the introduction of se-tenant designs. Later came and array of new subjects, and new stamp sizes plus a cameo portrait of the Queen. In the 1976 Social Reformers set, his designs formed a continuous pattern over the whole sheet of stamps all in a new size and shape, which later, became a standard design style for British Stamps.

One of the foremost artists involved in British stamp design for nearly 40 years, David Gentleman has had considerable influence on design that is still being felt to this day.

Stamps & Postmarks: Hertford (initials) | London N1. Worlds Greatest Hobby | FDI London NW1 | Hertford (stamp)


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Hertford (initials), London N1. Worlds Greatest Hobby, FDI London NW1, Hertford (stamp)


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