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New Christmas Stamps 2017

Christmas Stamps 2017

The first ever Christmas stamp design competition was held in 1966 and was open to children up to 15yrs of age. Two six-year olds were the eventual winners, with illustrations of King Wenceslas and a snowman.

Fifteen years later, viewers of the popular children’s TV programme, Blue Peter, were inspired to enter a second stamp design competition, which would produce five very different stamps on the theme of ‘Christmas: Through the Eyes of a Child’.

A third national competition was launched in 2013, and was won by a seven-year old and a ten year old.

This latest competition had over 200,000 entries. The judging process took place between March and May 2017, with the Prince of Wales then choosing the two winning illustrations. The two talented young winners, Ted Lewis-Clark from Frome, and Arwen Wilson from Dudley, each received a prize of £1,000 in vouchers for themselves and £1,000 for their school. Well done to them!

Did you know?

• The Mother & Child composition is one of the earliest types of Christian image to be depicted, with examples being found in the catacombs in Rome.
• The Mother & Child images featured in this Christmas stamp issue originate from the 13th Century, which adopted a more intimate depiction of the Mother & Child, which became very popular in the later Middle Ages.