Instruction to your Bank or Building Society

Based on your feedback, we are aware that the recent invitations to pay by direct debit/bank transfer has caused some confusion. We are trying to simplify the process for all involved and have experienced some teething problems – so apologies for that!

From May 1st 2024 we are no longer accepting payments by cheque, and also want to reduce the amount of phone calls we receive asking to take card payments over the phone. We value your security and don’t want personal details discussed in the post or over the phone, where possible.

To be GDPR compliant we no longer store any personal information.

Therefore, regardless of recurring orders or one-offs, we are asking ALL customers to provide us with bank details using the form below, rather than credit/debit card details we may have used for previous invoices/orders. These details will then be added to our new GoCardless payment systems.

We have sent out blue and pink mandate forms with recent orders and realise that only the blue one is needed, per customer. If you would prefer to fill in the simple, secure form below, you can ignore the paper versions sent to you.

Instruction to your Bank or Building Society. Please complete this form and upload securely.

Service user number: 275069